Sales and Laughter Are Not An Oxymoron!

Imagine laughing so hard you have tears running down your face…that’s what happened to me and I learned great sales skills about an exercise for the heart and head!

Hi, I’m Chris Butler and I’ve just finished listening to a remarkable program on how to improve my business. Now I want to help you discover this wonderful opportunity to learn all about increasing your sales and having a blast while you’re at it!

You will learn the following 5 things and how they will help you build your business:
  • What it means to be slimed
  • What beer and salt have in common
  • The real definition of a Gentleman’s Farm
  • What a Farrier does
  • The definition of persistence from a dog’s point of view

Does this peak your interest?

Believe it or not, all of these things are used to teach you the value of strong relationships in the business world…your world!

Do you know how important customer relationships are to your bottom line?

You will after listening to this CD set.

If being successful is vital to you, then you must learn how to strengthen your relationships with your clients.

People are the key to any business. Without them, you don’t have any customers… if you don’t have any customers…you don’t have any income…without income…you don’t have a business! So here’s my point...

There are two things you need to make your business successful:

  • You need people

  • You need a strong relationship with those people

You can learn how to improve relationships with your customers by using a simple process created by Shawna Schuh. You’ll get 5 hours of powerful information that you will use in every relationship you have.

Shawna SchuhDo You Know Shawna Schuh?

I didn’t know who she was but wow, am I ever excited I discovered her. I learned that she has been coaching and teaching people skills for nearly 30 years and she is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation held by less than 8% of speakers world wide. She knows how to capture the attention of her audience and make learning fun.

That’s a novel idea don’t you think…having a great time while learning something very important to the future of your business?

People who know Shawna and have worked with her have great things to say about her and her teaching style: Michalene Tomczyk, Customer Service Manager from Nike Golf said “Shawna tapped right into our key business points and the topics that are important to us plus it was Stimulating with a capital ‘S’!”
You will laugh and learn at the same time!

The simple process Shawna developed is described in a 3 CD set called Relational Results and it is jam packed with great ideas on relationship building. Shawna uses personal stories to drive across the points she is making so you can understand them in the text of real life.

You will listen to Relational Results over and over again and laugh every time…

The thing I like about Shawna is that she is a great storyteller. She uses humor and engages the audience while teaching the key aspects of relationship building. She gives you unique material and what she teaches really works. She provides proof of that.

This is not a CD set that you will give away. You may loan it out, but you will insist on getting it back. It’s like your favorite movie that you watch again and again...every time you listen to it, you will learn something new.

Following is just a snapshot of what you will discover in Relational Results :

1. How your reaction to a situation can impact a sale...and what to do about it.
2. The secret to keeping focused on your relationship goals.
3. Why the smallest, simplest detail can make the biggest differences.
4. How choosing the right words can have a major impact on your success with clients.
5. The one tactic above all others that works every time.

This is really powerful and useful information that works in today’s changing world...
Here’s what Sales Rep. Mark Bailey said “This series was outstanding. It helped me connect with my clients like never before. Great insights and anecdotes.”
If you want to improve sales results...then improve your people skills.

Many of the stories that Shawna shares are easy to relate to. I found myself saying “been there... done that” many times and it made me laugh at myself. I also took the learnings and put them to work instantly. It has really made a difference in how I approach people and situations.

For the smallest investment of money, these CDs are a valuable use of time. You will walk away from listening to these with insights you can and will use...and they really work.

Grab your copy of Relational Results now because you need to build strong relationships with your clients to succeed...but remember to have a tissue ready to wipe the tears of laughter from your face.

And one more thing...if you act now, Shawna has agreed to sweeten the pot! If you order the CD set RIGHT NOW, you will receive a report called “Build Trust and Increase Sales” ABSOLUTELY FREE! This is such a wonderful opportunity, don’t let it slip away!

Also, buy it now and receive free shipping and a 60 day money back questions asked...but I doubt you’ll need it.

You’ll have so much fun learning all about people’ll ask yourself “why didn’t I buy Relational Results sooner?” So here’s your chance!

Improve Your Results By Improving Your Relationships

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Relational Results...3 CD Set
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Relational Results

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Relational Results


Shawna Schuh Certified Speaking Professional